TroPly HiGloss

TroPly HiGloss is highly polished, lustrous in colour and UV stable, suited to both internal and external applications. A thick cap offers resistance to abrasion and whilst suited to mechanical engraving, its modified acrylic composition enables the added advantage of being able to cut intricate shapes using a laser.


  • Exterior & Interior Signs
  • Badges
  • Safety Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Plant Labels
  • Industrial Signs

Sheet size in mm:

Full Sheet 1220 x 610mm

Material Features:

  • Material: Laminated impact acrylic, 2 ply / 3 ply8 (*3 Ply is gloss on wone side and matt on the other)

  • Engraving depth: 0,30 mm

  • Cutting method: saw

  • Filter TroPly HiGloss selection: