Marking & Colour Filling

Acrylic Paint

Specially designed to use on laser engraved plastics our acrylic filler paints will not affect nor “craze” the lasered area. To infill metals we recommend our quick drying cellulose paint to create a permanent hard gloss finish.

When rotary engraving blacking fluid is a simple solution to create a contrasting mark on coated aluminium and brass.

Following colours are available:
Black, red, white, blue, silver, gold, green and yellow.

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Cermark & Thermark Laser Marking Solutions


Thermark and Cermark series laser marking materials are specifically engineered to crate high quality black marks on a wide variety of substrates. The contrast, resolution and durability of these marks make Thermark and Cermark ideal for barcoding, product serialisation, logos and decorative marking.

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