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TroLase Lights - how to produce sticker labels quickly & easily

​The very thin, 2-ply acrylic foil with adhesive backing on the reverse is the perfect solution to produce stickers with a laser system. Create fine details, an ever-lasting engraving and at the added bonus of the ability to apply to curved surfaces if desired such as machinery and trophies.

TroLase Lights laser engraving video
Self-adhesive acrylic foil

Produce controlled depth contours and peel the finishes design from the carrier material. Advantages include no tooling costs as well as the ability to achieve variable cut shapes and small feature sizes.

Laser Kiss-Cut

Trotec Laser's software JobControl® perfectly facilitates the production of decals, stickers and labels without penetrating the backing material. The application is stress free enabling an increased yield on delicate materials.

TroLase Lights Laser Kiss Cut
Information & Samples

TroLase Lights is a 2-ply acrylic foil, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The thickness of the material is no more than 0.1 mm, with a recommended engraving depth of 0.04 mm and available in a sheet sizr of 610 x 305 mm. TroLase Lights is available in many different colours with a matt and brushed finish.


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TroLase Lights Acrylic Foil
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