How-to video: Anodised aluminium

Trotec's range of engravable metals contains anodised aluminium, a coated metal which is suitable for processing with both a laser machine and a mechanical engraver. Thanks to it's protective coating, anodised aluminium is suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications including awards, plaques, nameplates, signage and much more.

In our video tutorial we show you how to laser engrave a sign into our anodised aluminium (1 mm)  using a Speedy 100 CO2 laser machine. The tutorial shows you how to focus your laser machine, which settings were used to achieve the results and other helpful tips.

More information about anodised aluminium and our other engravable metals can be found on our webshop. For more information about the Speedy series of laser engraving machines, visit our laser website.