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Trotec Launch New Engraving Materials Range

To support our first class range of laser machines, Trotec has launched a range of engraveable materials to provide a complete solution for engravers and sign makers

Trotec Engraveable Laminates
Trotec Laminates

Trotec Laser are proud to present our new materials range, manufactured in house by industry experts. Boasting a wide selection of laminates designed for engravers and sign makers whether laser or rotary engraving. Improve quality and precision whilst speeding up production. Trotec's expertly produced material requires fewer passes when engraving and post production cleaning is significantly reduced with minimal sticky edges and residue

Material benefits

The materials, which are available for both laser and rotary engraving offer efficient egraving with fewer passes required. A reduced amount of residue is produced with no sticky edges, minimising post production cleaning, improving efficiency and increasing production.

Not just laminates

Trotec continue to stock a range of classic favourites such as acrylic, ABET Rigid, metals and woods. This is complemented by accessories such as infill paints, marking sprays, cutters, badge fixings and name plate holders.

Engraved acrylic
Request a sample

Request a sample of your chosen material to see the results for yourself. Try out the material on your own engraving equipment and find out how high quality engraving results can be achieved quickly and easily.

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