Guide for Material Processing

We've created a selection of helpful tips for our customers when processing our various materials, from engraving laminates to laser metals and engravable acrylic. 

laser rubber tips
Laser engraving and cutting laser rubber

Tips and tricks for processing laser rubber

engravable boos processing
Laser engraving engravable books

Discover our tips for laser engraving our notebooks

LaserPaper Colours
Tips and tricks for LaserPaper

Discover our tips and tricks for processing our new LaserPaper range.

digital print series engraving laminates
Tips for using Trotec Digital Print Series

Discover useful application tips for the latest range of laser engraving laminates from Trotec. 

laser acrylic
What is cast acrylic glass?

Discover the advantages of processing cast laser acrylic sheets.

cutting material
How to cut Trotec materials

There are many different ways of cutting engraving supplies and materials. Discover what they are and their impact on materials.

Laser wood
Working wih engravable woods

Discover the new range of Trotec laser wood sheets and a tutorial to practice using the materials.

Anodised aluminium
Anodised aluminium: Material basics

Discover the basics of the engraving metal anodised aluminium.

Laser wood
Creative ideas for our laserable wood

Discover creative ideas for processing our laser wood.

TroGlass Acrylic
How to laser process acrylic

Discover helpful tips and tricks for processing our engravable acrylic using our handy guide.

How to laser cut LaserFlex heat transfer material

Learn how to save time and money using our LaserFlex heat transfer material.

What are plastic engraving sheets?

Learn about the technical background of the most commonly used two-layer laser engraving material (engraving laminates).

Manual cutting of engraving materials / laser materials
Manual cutting of Trotec materials

Read our recommendations for manual cutting of our laser engraving supplies and materials.

laser engrave thin laminates
TroLase Thins engraving tips

Read our application tips and tricks for processing the lightweight and tough laser engraving laminate TroLase Thins.

laser engraving sheets
Laser engraving laminates

Read useful tips and tricks on how to achieve the optimum result when laser engraving laminates.

Engravers handbook
Tips for Engravers

Our new handbook offers tips and tricks for engraving and processing engraving supplies. Just pay with a tweet.

Download Trotec's "Handbook for engravers"