Cut to size service

The sheet size of each material is provided on each individual product page, however, if you have alternative requirements take advantage of our cut to size service, saving you time, money and freeing up machine capacity. Whether it's to fit to a specific working area or finishing options such as backings, holes and edging Trotec can cater to your individual needs.

adhesive backing laminates
Adhesive backing for all sheet and and cut to size materials

Order your materials with an adhesive layer pre-applied to the reverse. This option is available in the webshop for suitable materials.

rounded edges radius corners
Radius corners for plastic and selected metals

We can round corners on plastics and selected metals, adding value to your products. Select from 1/4” (6mm) or 1/8” (3mm) radius corners.

hole drilling for laminates and metals
Hole drilling for plastics, aluminium and brass

Our experienced staff can accurately drill holes using our high tech equipment in various diameters. Whether you are purchasing plastics, aluminium or brass our customer service team will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest recommendations.  

bevelled edges engraving materials
Upgrade your products with beveled edges

We offer bevelled edges with an angle of 45° as well as rounded edges offering a high class finish to products.